Cedar Hills Show – The low budget version ep.III

Today is supposed to be all time Redskin day, but i’m too lazy to scan the next guys cards…so i’m going to push that off until I have the energy.

With that out of the way, I still have a few cards from the show last week to go over…and here we go!

The first card is of Brad Johnson and his apparent twin.  This card is all kinds of weird.  It’s not a jersey card, but sure looks like one with his big ass 14 in the background.  Love the mesh number look, it gives you that old school practice/game jersey look of a high school uni.  This was the big breathable technology before the breathable technology got out of control by Nike, Adidas and every other sporting product company.  I really don’t understand the dual training camp photo thing either.  This is the first Flair Showcase card that I recall seeing, so I have no idea if this was the case will all the cards, or if Brad was just special.  Seems to me that two completely random photos would have made more sense.  When I first saw this card, I thought it was another dude dropping back to sling it downfield.  But nope, that mid-drift belongs to James Bradley Johnson in both photos.

99 FS Brad Johnson

This card was one of those great finds in a 7/$5 box.  A black bordered Robert Griffin III from the 2013 Bowman release.  I just happened to stumble upon this card.  The table where it was purchased always has a ton of boxes, and when i say a ton, i’m talking 12-15 5000 count boxes filled with all types of cards.  Going through this guys stuff is a challenge in patience and stick-to-itiveness that was waring me out.  I had stopped at 12 cards and the guy told me that he was going to charge me $10 if I bought 12 or 14 cards…oh yeah…i get two more cards.  I grabbed a handful of cards and once i found this one (and the Hanley in the previous post) i was done.  Not bad for a freebee?

13 TB Robert Griffin III Black Border

This card was from a nickel box.  Not bad.  Nothing special, but not bad either.

09 SP Clinton Portis

The last card in tonights post is a bit of a sad story.  When i go to the shows, I take a small box, the 200-300 count type boxes so I have something to carry my purchases in and still look around.  This time though, I couldn’t find an empty box so I was forced to take a 100 count box, card collector problems…i know.  100 cards seems like a good size box, but when you consider the amount of damage you can do on a nickel and dime box, plus the top loaders, they fill up quickly.  This card was purchased without a penny sleeve and i put it in the box, but somehow it ended up on the bottom about 14 top loader packed cards with a closed lid…needless to say, when i got home the card was dented and scratched to crap.  It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it’s pretty dinged up.  Phillip would not be happy with the condition of his rookie card.  The good point is that I picked the card up for a dollar so it wasn’t too much of a heartbreaker, but a definite lesson was learned.  Don’t smash your stuff.

13 PS Phillip Thomas

Hope you guys have a good, short week!

Cedar Hills Show – The low budget version ep.II

One of my goals at last weekends show was to pick up some Robinson Cano cards.  For whatever reason, he is difficult to find at our local shows and shops…at least inexpensively.  I was hoping to get a handful of Cano cards for a dollar or two each…didn’t happen.  In fact, I didn’t pick up one Cano card.  BUT, i did manage to find a few nice cards of other players I collect…and here they are.

The first card is the classic Mattingly Topps Rookie reprinted from 2001.

01 TA Don Mattingly 84 Topps Reprint

Next a Rickey Dodger incarnation from the 2003 Upper Deck set.

03 UD Rickey Henderson

And a Rickey A’s from the 1981 Fleer Sticker set.  Nice!

81 FS Rickey Henderson

Also picked up an Allen and Ginter Mini

12 AG Rickey Henderson Mini

And a Prizm.  This is both a cool card and one of my least favorite card.  I really have a tough time with the photoshopped logos and team names.

13 PP Rickey Henderson Dominance

The Hanley was part of a 7/$5 deal and it’s numbered to 25.  Can’t beat that.

12 TT Hanley Ramirez 17:25

A Crawford Prizm in his Los Angeles Baseball Club jersey…photoshop…

13 PP Carl Crawford

Last up area  few Jeter cards.  I specifically said I wouldn’t purchase any Jeter cards at this show because he is one player that I have never organized…but always manage to pick up one or two when they are marked for a $1.  Also, I couldn’t pass up this trio of cards or the mini.  All were part of the 7/$5 deal.  Sometimes you justgottagettajeta!

96 UD Derek Jeter VJ Lovero

97 TB Derek Jeter

96 SR Derek Jeterand the Mini!

13 GQ Derek Jeter Mini


A Magic Redemption and Reserve

I came home today to a nice little manilla envelope, no bubble mailer here, just some nice sturdy manilla action.  In it was this guy.  Ronnie Hillman of your Denver Broncos.

12 TM Ronnie Hillman Auto

This is the third Ronnie Hillman auto i’ve received this year and the second redemption (the panini is still outstanding…).  I’m thinking maybe i should have become a super collector for this kid.  I really hope he pans out for the Broncos this year as he should have a nice role with them in 2013.

Today was also my 4th wedding anniversary with my lovely and amazing wife.  She is a wonderful woman and mother.  She is also an extremely patient women, and you really have to be to put up with me…most of the time.  I am a big child and act like it most of the time.  Between collecting cardboard and riding a bike to work, not much has changed since I was 10 years old.  I’m very lucky to have a beautiful woman that is OK with me collecting artifacts that add clutter and debris all over our home.  Not to mention the time spent at shows, shops and organizing.  Most men aren’t as lucky as I am and I understand this 100 percent.

In fact, my wife is so amazing that I also came home to this sweet ass gift.

2013-06-27 18.31.57

We’ve decided to not open it until the Redskins win a Super Bowl…so it should age nicely.


Sort-of Vintage Redskins

The last show didn’t have too much going which turned out to be great for my wallet.  I spent the least amount at this show than i ever had in the past…which is great.  I was also able to pick up some older Redskin cards for the Topps air brushed days…like this gem of a card of Diron Talbert.  This beauty set me back one american dollar.  That price alone covers the bad assness of Mr. Talbert.  When i see the burgundy and gold along with number 72, I can’t help but think of Dexter Manly, the Secretary of Defense.  I guess that would make Diron the dean of the National Defense University, or something?  Diron.  What is the origin of that name anyway?  Apparently this guy is the proud owner of a grocery store in Texas.  Growing up, the only grocery stores in San Antonio was H.E.B. and they had a pretty strong hold of Texas.  Winn Dixie and Piggly Wiggly didn’t have a chance.

77 TO Diron Talbert

I also stumbled across this trifecta of Skins.  The card in the middle is the only one that really matters.  The Cowboys getting thumped in the NFC Championship game.  This was about 3 years before I was born, so I only know what i’ve read about the ’72 team which was apparently a fun bunch of cast offs led by George Allen.  This was also the year the Dolphins finished perfect with a not so overwhelming victory over the over the hill gang.  You can’t win them all…plus the Redskins would get their revenge 10 years later

72 TO Kilmer NFC Champ SB





An RG3 autograph has come to my home.

No words to describe this one.

This is the card that I wanted as soon as I saw it and I got a pretty good deal for it on e-bay.  After a few months of stewing over the piece of cardboard I went for it!

I really couldn’t pass up an on-card autograph of the Washington Redskins Rookie of Year Quarterback numbered to 25 (21 for Sean Taylor?)

12 PS Robert Griffin III Auto 21:25

One of the dealers at the local card shows had a different, higher serial numbered version of the card for the same price I paid and so I’m glad I waited.  This is going to be a great addition to my collection and something that I will always enjoy owning…I keep telling myself that…it may just become an investment, if that’s something you believe in with football cards.

The piece itself is in pretty spectacular condition and has no scratches or dents anywhere on the card, plus the corners are all sharp.  This is one card that I had thought about getting graded, but am going to pass at this point as I just can do that to a card on my own…not yet at least.

Cedar Hills Show – The low budget version ep.I

I’ve been away from the blogging for a while.  No real reason, other than we’ve been busy with life and work…as well as enjoying life away from cardboard and computers.

There was a show this Saturday at the Cedar Hills mall that i attended after having missed the past two shows…so I have some catching up to do.  I’ve also received two boxes from Dave and Adams Cardworld that i need to open and review.  So, there will be a few posts coming up in the next few days or weeks.  I’ve done a lot of scanning tonight and am getting close to nodding out, so i’m going to do a one card post.  It’s one of my favorite all time player and a card that I am happy to have picked up for $12.

11 GQ Rickey Henderson Mini Game Used Green

This was by far the most expensive card I picked up today as I was really trying to stay in the nickel, dime, quarter and dollar boxes. Steve from COMC had the card at his table and as usual was extremely friendly and more than happy to help look for a couple of cards.  I ended up picking a few other pieces from him and the 12/$1 boxes…but those are for another post.

I am going to bed, but will be posting like mad the next couple of weeks…I hope.  🙂

Road Trip Packs IV – Lost and Found

I had a little time this beautiful Saturday morning and was looking through my scanned/undocumented folder and noticed a couple more cards that I picked up while I was in San Antonio.

The three cards were pulled from a dime box, so you are looking at 30 cents of hard earned money.

The first pairing of cards is DeAngelo Hall and Santana Moss.

11 PC DeAngelo Hall Santana Moss

Hall has always been a polarizing player.  You love him or hate him.  I have yet to hear anyone say ‘eh, he’s alright…’  It’s always love or hate with the guy.  Personally, I love him.  I think he’s passionate and truly cares about what he does…doesn’t hurt that he made a boatload of money from the Raiders and Redskins.  He was cut earlier this year and it looked like he wouldn’t be back, but no one around the league really gave him much notice so he ended up back with the Redskins…which makes me happy, especially with all the young players in the secondary this year.

Moss is my man and I love the photo of him in this card.  Nice of Panini to get the whole body in the shot too.

The last card is Triple Threads Clinton Portis numbered to 1350.  This brings up one of the big issues with the hobby.  I’m sure this card was immediately discarded when pulled from a box costing over $150 and redirected to a dime box.  Someone was probably trying to pull the big hit and got stuck with this Clinton Portis card…no auto, no jersey, no patch.  The only redeeming value is the serial number, but really it’s not that great either…1350!  This is why I don’t typically buy boxes anymore, especially of the high end stuff.  Had I purchased a box of 2010 Triple Threads and pulled this card, I would have been super excited and more than happy to put it in my Portis collection…but financially, it would not have been worth the price of the box.  In this case, I win.  Someone else spent the high price and I got a sweet card!

10 TT Clinton Portis 460:1350

A Panini Redemption

I rode home today in the pouring rain and was extremely unprepared for the down pour. By the time I got home I was covered in dirty road rain. That kind of dirt that cars kick up and gets all over your clothes, socks, shoes and backpack. I did have a sweet mud mohawk on my butt and a thick layer of mud coated on my pastey white legs. I was freezing and I was tired…the only thing I really wanted to do was clean up and get ready for the Spurs game. As i typically do first thing, i went to check the mail…and saw a yellow bubble mailer! Suddenly i feel great and excited to see what it has to offer…It’s a Panini Redemption and This one only took 119 days! That less than 4 months!

YAY! Sarcasm!

12 LL Joe Adams Auto Jersey 28:49

This redemption is of Joe Adams from the Carolina Panthers, Colbey, numbered 28/49 with a decent sticker auto and a portion of his jersey used at the Rookie Premier with the NFLPA. I like that they mention where the jersey came from, maybe this isn’t a new thing, but it’s the first time I noticed it. The scan doesn’t really do the card justice as it is crazy shiny and reflective, cats love these sorts of things. Leaf Limited was one of those small but spendy box breaks that I jumped on this year. I was quite impressed with the high quality of cards and player selections. This is just another example of a great card.

Redemptions can be a pain as many bloggers have mentioned, but when they come in unexpectedly and make your cold grey day sunny they are wonderful.

GIANT Man of Steal

I feel like the more and more cards I buy, the further away I get from purchasing BASEBALL cards.  I have no idea why this has become the norm for me, not intentional…just the way it’s become.  Baseball has always been my favorite sport and the sport that I LOVE.

Last week I stopped by The Sports Room and made a big pick up.

84 TJ Rickey Henderson

A giant 1984 Topps Rickey Henderson.

With all of the mini craze Topps has gotten themselves into the past few years, I’d love to see them bring back these big boys.  Maybe do a box topper with 3 or 4 cards in a pack of the Archives set next year…could be fun to get a few of these frame-able cads with Robinson Cano or Hanley Ramirez in a 1987 Topps design, eh?  Just a thought.

Bonus Redskins and a gift package

As I mentioned in the previous post Colbey from Cardboard Collections hooked me up with a few extra Redskin cards, which was very cool.  As I was flipping through the team bag of cards, I noticed most of the cards I do not have for my team sets, so they will be great additions.  Thank, Colbey!

Here is a peek at the cards that stood out for me.

09 TA Brian OrakpoThe Orakpo is really nice.  One of my favorite players on the team and a Rookie card to boot.  This one of those cards that i’ve never seen before either…so a really nice piece of cardboard.

09 SP Clinton Portis Jason CampbellNext is a couple of blasts from the not so far past.  SP Threads of Portis and Campbell…wish I had done a better job of aligning the card banding.

13 UD Robert Griffin III Football HeroesColbey also sent the two Griffin’s from this years Upper Deck set that I noticed on his blog…and really wanted for my RG3 personal collection.  Love the Baylor jerseys.

12 GG Moss Orakpo HankersonNext is a three card filmstrip of sorts of Moss, Orakpo and Hankerson.  I absolutely love the Orakpo photo…although it was used on the Topps issue as well…or at least the same pose…not really sure right now and too lazy to look it up.  The Hankerson card is a little disconcerting as it is cropped really poorly and he is chopped off at the ankles…not to mention the gigantic offensive lineman ass poking out from the right.  Ass.

09 DT Chris CooleyI’m ending with Captain Chaos, Chris Cooooooley because I don’t believe he will be back next year…and I hope he ends up retiring.  Can’t wait to watch him in the booth calling games in the future…or maybe he will become some crazy weed smoking hippy living in the hills and making pottery.

As I said, there were a lot of great cards and these were just a small handful of my favorites from Colbey.  Thanks again!