Here’s a quick overview of the sets that i’m working on as well as what i have completed to date.  If you can help out, that’s fantastic as i’d love to make a trade or two to help a fellow collector out!

  • Topps Baseball Cards
    • I’ve been slowly working towards completing the Topps Flagship sets from the genesis of 1952.  To date, i’m prettey set from the 1980’s to present day.  My main focus now is the 60’s and getting the low hanging fruit, ie…less expensive commons, and then going from there.  I completely understand that what i’m pursing along with everything else is simply nuts…but, well collectors gonna collect!
  • Topps Heritage Baseball Cards
    • Like the Topps flagship sets, i want the full collection.  I love these cards.  Love the retro / flashbacks to the older sets we all know and love…plus the card stock is great and i love the chase of the high numbers.  I do love a good pursuit.


  • Washington Redskins / Football Team
    • I’m attempting to collect 1 of every card in the history of Redskins/Football Team cards…monumental, i know…but the chase is the fun part right?  I have a running list on the Washington Football Team CL page if you have anything to help out.  I’m constantly updating the pages, so please feel free to stop by and see what i’m in need of.
  • New York Yankees
    • This is a new pursuite of mine, just the Topps Flagship cards, from 1952 to today…the Mantle’s…i know…replicas are cool, eh?
  • Washington Nationals
    • The Nats!  A newer favorite team that i fell in love with about 10 or so years ago when they rocked the “NATINALS” jerseys in a real live game!  Gotta love a loveable loser, plus i would always hear the local DC guys talk about them in between Redskins updates…so i became a fan by proxy, and then whattayaknow.  They up and beat the Astros for a World Series title.  I’m shooting for all the Topps cards from 2005 to today
  • San Antonio Spurs
    • This collection has grown a bit stagnant now that i’m a fully vested Portlander these days, but I did grow up in San Antonio and that was all we had at the time.  It wasn’t much then, but it was fantastic once David Robinson showed up…then Timmy…that’s when the world changed.  I love that team and always will…but, hey Damian Lillard is pretty fantastic too.


  • Rickey Henderson
    • My childhood idol, will always be a part of my collection.  If i ever sell of my cards, i will forever keep these.
  • Don Mattingly
    • Another childhood idol of mine.  When i first started collecting cards, he was THE GUY to collect and i never dreamed i’d ever be able to afford his Rookie Card…now i have a handful.  The card bubble is a real thing kids.
  • Dale Murphy
    • The Murph is a new add to the PC list.  A long awaited addition.  I picked up a couple of his autographs last summer (2019) and that seemed to open the floodgates of cards.  Since then i’ve jumped on to eBay and Burbank cards to grab as many commons of his that i can.  Dale is someone that i believe should absolutely be in the Hall…he was a dominant player for the early ’80’s but almost seems forgotten by some.  He’s either a guy that you think has gotten shafted for not being elected to the Hall or you don’t really remember who he is.
  • Derek Jeter
    • Mr. November and The Captain.  Being a Yankees fan for 35+ years, how can i not collect Jeet.  I got a few, but nothing of note…quantity over quality i say for Derek Jeter.
  • Robinson Cano
    • Here’s a guy i’m on the verge of abandoning.  Loved him as a Yankee and wasn’t too upset when he went to Seattle, because it meant i could see him play more often…sometimes even live and in person when i made it up to a Mariners game.  But with the second PED suspension, this one being for the whole season…just not sure anymore.  Maybe just Cano as a Yankee is what i’ll end up doing.
  • JT Riddle
    • I like guys named Riddle.  I collect guys named Riddle.  It’s a cool name and not too common, therefore i collect them.  Also collect David Riddle, Elmer Riddle and any other Riddle that plays baseball
  • Bryce Harper
    • When Harper became a Nat, i was excited.  I thought he would bring about championship after championship, but his departure was the only way for the Nats to win the World Series.  Now he’s a Phillie.  Nothing against the Phillies, they’re just a team that doesn’t do too much for me.  I’m still holding on to my Harpers because i don’t think he’s peaked yet, but i also don’t expect him to reach the Trout stratosphere anytime soon.
  • Stephen Strasburg
    • The firs pitcher…and only pitcher.  Not really sure why i don’t collect Mariano Rivera, i just have a strong aversion to collecting guys that throw baseballs for a living because they tend to be a little fragile and their careers are hit or miss at times.  Strasburg has proven to be pretty solid though, and has come around significantly the past couple of seasons.
  • Trea Turner
    • He’s a Nat, he seems to have a cool personality and a great young player.  He’s also a bit of speedburner and can steal a base or two…love those guys (see player one).  I’m in for now on Trea

The next few guys are ones i’m testing out, taking for a spin.  I pick up a couple cards every now and then if they speak to me and put them aside for safe holding.  No commitments here, but this is a list of great younger players that i could see myself building a collection around.

  • Juan Soto
  • Victor Robles
  • Aaron Judge
  • Gary Sanchez
  • Gleyber Torres
  • Miguel Andujar
  • Clint Frazier

The list below is a bit of a retirement list, a list of players i loved…until i didn’t anymore.  Grew fond of quickly and moved on from quicker.  I have too many of these guys cards to comingle with other random stars, but no desire to continue saving their new releases.  Here are the names.

  • Hanley Ramirez
  • Carl Crawford
  • Evan Longoria
  • Jorge Soler

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