Portis Paraphernalia

Yet another poor showing for the burgundy and gold tonight.  I DVR’d the game and had no real desire to watch it…but i broke down and sat through the entire game, skipping the punts and timeouts of course.  Everything went pretty poorly after the second score, the Redskins just can’t play a complete game.  Not to mention, they were really screwed on the last drive with the 1st down/3rd down confusion.  Thanks part time NFL refs, you are wonderful

The terrible season has me looking back rather than forward.  One of my favorite Redskins was Clinton Portis.  I picked up a couple of his rookie cards at the last card show in Mall 205.  I always stop by Tom’s table to see what he has to offer first, but one of my new favorite stops has become Kim’s table.  He is super friendly and always has a bundle of Redskins for me…at a great discount too.  It helps to be regular!  Most of the time he will mark down the cards 40%-60%.  He does this for a lot of his regulars as well as the kids that stop by the table…which is pretty cool since the hobby seems to be ignoring this demographic with each new insert and subset.  When i was sifting through the pile of cards he had set aside for me, he was upselling a Portis Jersey card.  Ok.  I pulled this one and didn’t even notice the orange swatch…not really a jersey though.  It’s a Hot Shirt.  No idea what the hell a hot shirt is, but i has one of Portis.

02 TP Clinton Portis Hot Shirt

One thing that always makes me laugh when i stop by Kim’s table is his salesmanship.  He’s always pushing other players from other teams on me, clearly not knowing my single minded focus on this hobby.  Redskins players only…unless they came from other teams of course, like Portis and Moss.  Still a great stop if you like the mid tier cards and crave great deals.  The card below has football dimples on it.  Pretty cool, plus it’s certified, Leaf Certified.

02 LC Clinton Portis Freshman Fabric Footbal cut 11:250