The Hogettes 1983-2012 (a quick post)

The Hogettes are no more, and that makes me sad.

As a kid growing up in Texas, one of the reasons i became a Washington Redskins fan was because of the Hogettes.  I couldn’t really figure out what hogs had to do with Native Americans, until i realized they were a support group for the impenetrable offensive line that Joe Gibbs and Joe Bugel built in the early 80’s.  Seeing these guys in the stands each week rocking the ugly dresses, hats and of course the pig noses was awesome.  I never made it out to RFK, but i can only imagine in the glory days that they were the leaders of many chants and screaming from the Pig Pen.


Through the years they have done numerous fundraiser for children’s charities and helping out within the DC and DMV community.

Here is some other great sites that further explain their history and presence as teh Hogettes.

Their presence will no doubt  be missed in the stands…at least we still have Chief Zee, although the next generation is coming up!

I’m a little concerned about this new RG3 Girl or woman or whatever…-HTTR!

RG3 woman