New cards, new collections + boobs

As I mentioned in a couple other posts, I am adding 3 guys to my personal collection.  One of them, and the only one to be in my collection from the NBA is Timothy Theodore Duncan.

13 PT Tim Duncan

PS. don’t act like you didn’t notice that rack under the basketball.  BAM!  She seems upset that an official is missing something…There are no boobs in the card below.

13 PA Tim Duncan

I grew up in San Antonio and this is the only Texas team that I can really get down with.  They play and win the way I like a team to do it.  With modesty and tons of servings of humble pie.  Plus, Tim really seems like a cool guy…kind of weird, kind of quirky…but also, kind of great.  He’s a superstar in a non superstar town and has been more than comfortable blending in to the low key, modest way of life in my old hometown.

I also picked up a couple cards from my new Nats players.

13 PP Stephen Strasburg Clear Vision Win

Both cards are transparent, which is always cool.  Who doesn’t love them some see through cards.  I know this kid does.

13 PP Bryce Harper Pinnacle Success

good night kids.

I can make a M’s hat more famous than a Mariner can

I took some artistic licensing with the well know Jay-Z verse on this post.

Robinson Cano is no longer a Yankee and I am kind of sad about that.

Next to Jeter, he was my favorite baseball player…a very close second mind you.  I loved his hitting and his quiet confidence on the field, some may say it was apathy or laziness.  I’m going with subtle greatness.  The kind of numbers he put up, you had to love him as a baseball player.  Even if you are a Yankee hater.  I have complete respect for Dustin Pedroia and you should have respect for Cano.

13 PP Robinson Cano Slugfest

My admiration for him will continue to keep him in my personal collection for the duration of his career, albeit less of a priority now to Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg.  I can take some joy in the fact that he is now a Mariner and I don’t hate them.  I actually like the M’s and have the opportunity to watch him more frequently on TV and possibly in person…if I can convince the wife to take a trip or two up to Seattle.  Which is never too difficult!  The great thing about Panini cards is that they only need to change New York to Seattle.  DONE!  No additional photoshop skills needed!

13 PP Robinson Cano Position Powers

As for the Mariners locking him up for 10 years at $240M, i can’t believe that’s a great contract for them in their market.  Now, i’m no market analyst, but i’m just thinking that when I pick through the great baseball franchises the Mariners rarely come up, if ever.  That’s not to say I don’t like them.  I am actually a fan of theirs and tried my hardest to make them my second team when i moved to Portland…but I just couldn’t do it.  Other than Ichiro, they didn’t have any player that I could latch on to.  Griffey, A-Rod and Randy Johnson were gone and they were a franchise sinking away.  They have King Felix, whom I love to watch pitch, but doesn’t really do it for me.

I really hope this signing helps catapult them into relevance as Seattle is a phenomenal baseball town with a gorgeous ballpark.  I just don’t know if his contract is going to allow them to get the various pieces they need to compete year in and year out against the thrifty A’s and powerful Angels and Rangers…and Astros.

Robbie is going to continue to put up great numbers and play well for the M’s, but i’m thinking in 3-5 years he will end up getting dealt for prospects to a larger market team.  Maybe the Yankees?