the 70’s…my quest begins

Through zero planning and foresight…as i do with most things in life…i am beginning the set build of Topps baseball cards from 1970.  That’s right 1970.

I was able to venture out to last month’s card show due to some free time i found on my hands.  It was an unexpected trip since i’ve been doing the odd months only for shows, so i guess i was overzealous.  I had a few extra dollars in my pocket, but not my normal budget so i had to a little more selective with what i picked up that day.  I went in with the thought of grabbing a few 2016 base Redskins as well as some San Antonio Spurs cards…both were in need since i’ve neglected both recently.

I ended up stopping by a table that i typically spend a few minutes at and then move on.  He’s an older guy…not sure of his name, but he wears some crazy ass Hawaiian shirts most of the time.  We’ve chatted in the past, but this time he was preoccupied with another show visitor, so i started digging through his rows of 1970’s baseball commons…which included ’70’s and up of baseball and football.  As i was searching for ’60’s set needs, i couldn’t help but notice the large amount of good condition cards i was passing up…and i thought, hey I’m gonna pick these guys up sooner or later.  So, i decided with sooner…not to mention, they were marked at 2/$1

70 TO lot 1

As you can see, the cards were in pretty nice shape.  This guy is known for having red and black dots on the penny sleeves, which is a bit annoying.  Sometimes, you have to stop and take a closer look at the card…is the mark on the sleeve or the card…what is it!

70 TO lot 2

I was really excited to pick up the lot of cards here and wanted to keep going, but i felt that i should move on…but i just couldn’t stop!!!  I ended up getting through a row and a half of a 3500 count box.  Really wanted to keep digging, but time and money was thin this day.

70 TO lot 3

As you can see i have 42 cards shown…i managed to get a little ahead of myself and in excitement ended up picking up duplicates of 3 other cards.  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t have them collated.  Not complaining, just saying.

All in all, i’m super excited about the condition of the cards and timing of the set build.  I’ve been enjoying slowly…very slowly putting together the 60’s sets via awesome trades, show pick ups and COMC orders i have yet to complete.  Hey, if you want to trade, take a look at my checklist here.  1970 Topps needs.  The cards i have are noted as ‘1’ in the ‘Grade’ column…i know, confusing.  I found the checklist online and didn’t have the desire to edit it…will do it at some point though.  Let me know if you can help out…please keep in mind though, that i’m a little picky with my 70’s cards. 🙂

I also picked this guy up from the same table…the name did it for me!  Made me giggle…

74 TO Fair Hooker

That’s it…more to come Friday, unless i can get something out tomorrow night.  Until then, i leave you with a little something from my favorite band…and one of my favorite songs from said band.


Card Collecting is one of my hobbies, actually, it’s my only true hobby.  The only one I work as consistently and i guess passionately?  (Although i don’t like to use that term for what collecting ultimately is…consumption and hoarding.)  One of the reasons that it brings me as much joy as it does is because it’s really the only thing in my life that i have total control over.  Normally in life you have to answer to a boss, or do chores you don’t want to do or a multitude of other things that aren’t necessarily exciting to you.  Life is all about compromises and working as a team to get something done.  Luckily for me, i have an AMAZING WIFE that is cool with me heading out to the card shop once in a while and hitting up the card show every month or two…so long as it doesn’t get too overwhelming for our family.  She is always more than accommodating which is one of the many reasons why i love her so much.  Not only is she ok with my card consumption, but she also accommodates my desire to read card blogs and write one of my own.  At times the blogs can cut in to important family time or our ever dwindling spouse time (work, kids, friends…!).  I am a very lucky boy to say the very least.

So, my job is to enjoy my hobby as much as possible, but not let it overwhelm me or get in the way of far more important things.  At times though, it can be impossible to avoid the inevitable pitfalls of collecting thousands upon thousands of 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ card stock images of sports figures.  When that starts to happen, i step back and take a break.  The last thing i want to do is get so burned out i bail on everything that i’ve managed to collect for the past 30+ years (off and on).  Shorter version, collecting for me is all about moderation and patience…just a little…nevermind…

After my little blogging break, i have some great stuff to share…well at least i think so.  Lets take a look at some of the much needed card therapy from Saturday.



Going in to each show, i normally have three objectives.

  1. Pick up Redskins cards from Kim…he’s awesome in picking up and holding stuff for me.  Always gives me the best deals…and is really a great guy.  I’ll get to those cards soon.
  2. Spend way too much time at Bill’s 7 for $5 bonanza table.  Bill is an incredibly fascinating guy…tons of opinions, but even more cards.  I’ve never seen him load up his van he brings from Salem each show, but he has at least twenty 3500 count boxes of cards (top loaders stuffed in tightly!)  along with display cases and dime boxes…and other stuff.
  3. Stop off and chat with Terry and pick up some vintage…this is where we will start today.

I like Terry, he’s a cool older guy, maybe mid 60’s or so.  Big Cubs fan and i think he used to teach.  He’s always great with the younger kids (most of the guys there are) as well…he also likes to shoot the shit with everyone and give people a hard time…in a kind jokingly way.  I enjoy that.  The camaraderie at some of these shows is great.  I’ve never been one to   make friends or acquaintances easily, but the more you see someone the more you are likely to talk to them…or at least that’s what my wife tells me…?

Anyways.  Terry is the main vintage guy at the show.  There are a couple other vintage guys, but in my opinion and judging by his stash i think he carries that belt with pride.  I like to hit his table up last and basically spend the remainder of my card show budget on 1960’s set needs.  Today, i decided to chip away at the 1964 set.  Here is what i picked up…photographed as best as i possibly can with low lighting and glare from a soft halogen.

One of the many things i like about Terry is that he’s incredibly organized and his cards are clearly labeled and tagged for what they are and what they cost.  He will give you a discount, but never a bargain.  His cards are quality, which is why i like them…but man, at this rate…it’s gonna take me 20 years to complete the 1960’s sets…patience.

During the sifting of cards, Terry checks in and likes to find out things about you or tell you stories of other collectors.  He’s the kind of guy that knows everyone.  I’ve seen him in my LCS talking to Brian one day, which was a bit of bizarro moment as Bill from the show and a couple other recognizable dealer faces were in his shop.  It was like a Justice League meeting…but for old card collecting men.  Luckily, none of them were in tights or had on capes.

So there you have it.  My 1964 pick ups for the month of January.  I think next time i may go for the ’63s and start chipping away at those commons.

One little thing that Terry noticed i had and commented on was my notebook of checklists.  I’ve struggled with ways of toting around a list of cards i need without having a bulky binder or constantly turning my phone on to see my list.  So i printed out a bunch of excel checklists scaled down to fit in to a small moleskin cashier notebook…the 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 size.  Fits in my back pocket nicely and i can take it every where i go…it does have its limitations, like smudging though…


Hope you enjoyed reading.  Not sure what i will post next, but i have quite of few cards to photograph or scan and they should last about 5-6 more posts.

In the meantime…Not sure if any of you are (were) in to New Edition.  I was…loved ’em!  BET just had a three night two hour mini series that was a lot of fun to watch.  Those kids man…they had some issues with each other.  But the music…


Vintage ‘skins

hey, you got any vintage Redskins cards from the 1950’s you lookin’ to unload?  i need some help!

1950’s Washington Redskins checklist

where in the hell have i been?  doing this and that, getting organized…that’s where. seriously though, let me know if you have any buried treasures with redskins logos on them…help a brother out.

Leather Helmets and Art, Pt. I

I love shiny new football and baseball cards as much as the next kid, but nothing compares to a classic piece of cardboard that’s older than your parents…nothing.  The flimsiness of the cardboard with the faded images and slightly rounded corners accompanied by the occasional crease or ding cannot be matched by any fill in the blank-fractor of any kind.  That said, I still love me some shiny cards.  But this post isn’t about shiny new things.  It’s about well taken care of old things.

As i’ve been attempting to get my ducks in a row i’ve been craving some older, vintage Redskin cards.  Every time I hit up the local card shows and shops I gravitate towards the newer stuff because that’s what most people deal in.  Who doesn’t like the hits??!!?!  Typically when they have vintage cards, it’s baseball…which i adore, but at this point in my hobby life I do not collect.  Right now, for me, vintage football is where it’s at.  This led to me trolling the electronic bay for some great deals on 1950’s and 1960’s cards and I was lucky enough to stumble across a seller that was breaking old sets and selling the singles.  The items he had appeared to be in excellent condition.  At least what i could tell from his scans.  Another bonus was that he started everything at the ebay standard of 99cents.  This is the point where my attention was grabbed by the short hairs…and now i am going to share.

Initially I thought I should do one post showing everything but decided it would be more funner-er to do multiple posts and I could get more value out of the posts.  PLUS! It would allow me to do a little research on these guys that i’ve never heard of.

Let the good times roll.

First up, Harry Gilmer.  Card number 66 of the 1950 Bowman Football set.  Beautiful, eh?  Check out the cedar fence in the background and that old school burgundy and gold sweater.  AND THAT FREAKIN’ HELMET.  HOLY CRAP!  You are staring at the eyes of a man.  A man that is tougher than any sports card collector i’ve ever met.  These cards are unbelievably beautiful with the same look and feel as the baseball version…it’s almost a shame that they are not larger as they measure approximately 2″ x 2 1/2″.  They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

50 BO Harry Gilmer F

Needless to say, Harry is a very stoic man from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and just may be a little too intense…or focused?  The back of his card tells me that he was the number one bonus choice.  Which is the equivalent of today’s modern draft, but different I guess, because he was a bonus selection.  I’m sure a lot of work went in to scouting and researching the players although I don’t think Bert Bell was mightily booed when he came to the podium to announce; “With the first pick in the NFL draft, the Washington Redskins select Harry Gilmer from the University of Alabama!”  Harry would then kiss his mom and baby mama before heading out of the green room with a meticulously tailored suit, crazy striped socks and a timeless, yet modern fedora.  OK, maybe not.

50 BO Harry Gilmer B

The last thing i want to mention and that i’m loving about these old ass cards is the write up on the backs.  I can’t help but read it in that old sports guy voice.  My favorite note is the part about the leg injury that “kept him in hospitals and on crutches the whole season.”  Hospitals, as in multiple.  Could Mr. George Preston Marshall not get Harry in a good DC area hospital?  Maybe they were dealing with war veterans at the moment.

Finally…Harry was 100% on passing attempts for the 1945 Sugar Bowl against the Duke-ies going 8 for 8.  Man, the game has really changed…Peyton does that on one 80 yard drive, and I hope he does it this Sunday multiple times.