Vintage Redskins and funny helmets

So, one of my goals as a Redskins collector has been to acquire some vintage cardboard.  As you vintage collectors know, this is difficult for various reasons.  They tend to be a little pricey for a basic common card and they are not always in the best of condition.  I’m trying to be a little selective in the cards I do end up purchasing, but also keeping in mind that I don’t need gem mint versions of 60 year old cards.  I kind of like the softer corners and faded images of these cards.  They help tell the story or history of that card.  I can imagine some 10 year old in 1955 getting excited to pull an Eddie LeBaron card from his Bowman Football card pack, rocking the face mask-less leather helmet and chin strap, just in case someone knocks his lid off…

55 BF Eddie LeBaron

In picking up these vintage Redskins cards, I stopped and visited with a dealer that i typically pass up.  My first interaction with him a few months ago wasn’t that great.  He had a sign that was a little confusing and instead of getting 80% off, i paid 80% of the card value…so i stayed away for a while as i am a tremendous grudge holder.  Today though, the Cedar Hills show was dead and I had time to (re)visit new tables.  I guess that’s what happens when it’s a sunny May day in Portland, Oregon.  Nobody wants to be inside looking at old cardboard.  So, with less dealers, there was more time to look at stuff i normally pass up.  The dealer was much more welcoming and open about his pricing this time and an provided an excellent conversation.  He explained his pricing and had gotten rid of the confusing signs which i appreciated.  Maybe i’m just a dolt and didn’t get it, but who says you pay 80% of the price, you say 20% off…am i right?  I have an issue with holding grudges, but i need to let go.

Anyways.  The vintage selection this guy had of his football cards were fantastic.  Most of them were in good condition with minimal creases, plus he had them organized by year and card number which i appreciated.

The prices were very fair considering the condition and age of the cards and he even gave me a break on the Sam Baker card.  Being in Oregon, like any other place in the country, when you get a hometown guy his cards tend to be in higher demand.  Mr. Sam Baker is from Corvallis and played at Oregon State University…which is a rival to my Oregon Ducks, but I don’t really care as a Redskin trumps Ducks 8 days a week…Ironically, the High School Sam Baker went to (Corvallis High School) was demolished and redone by my office a few years ago.  We did a pretty good job on the project.

59 TF Sam Baker

One of the great things about the vintage cards is the level of graphics and cut & past images.  If you look closely at the very racist Redskins mascot for the two cards below, you can see the image was cut out differnetly and the image of the indigenous person is darker than the other card.  I have no problem with this at all, just noticed it.

55 BF Gene Brito John Carson

Another thing to check out is the sweet soft-white vignetting that surrounds the players.  This is especially noticeable on Ralph Gugliemli as he does his best RG3 impersonation…look at that hair…fantastic…who needs helmets when you have locks like that?  Who knew Daniel Craig was a Tight End for the Redskins in 1954?

55 BF Ralph Gugliemli Chet Ostorwski

The last card is Don Bosseler.  There are no backstories to this card for me, but he looks like a total badass and someone you really don’t want to mess with.  He went to The U, which i’m pretty sure was different back then…but i’m sure he is connected in someway to Luther Campbell.

58 TF Don Bosseler

good night and Hail Victory!