HAIL to the REDSKINS! – NFC East Champions

The Washington Redskins are NFC East Champions for the first time since 1999.  Holy Crap!  A team that was all but out of it in early November at 3-6 rallied to win their last 7 and finish 10-6.  So proud of my favorite team and excited to make the playoffs…and keep the Cowboys out of the playoffs.  This was a great night.

RG3 Topps Patch

For most of the seasonthe attentionwas focused on RG3 and rightfully so.  He is an amazing talent and a once in a generation type player, a true game changer.  With all that said, having another rookie behind him taking hand-off after hand-off and racking up over 1600 yards on 300 carries and 13 TD’s, Alfred Morris has been amazing.  Morris has lead the rushing attack for the month of December and breaking down the defenseseach week all the while not turning the ball over.  Two rookies with very bright futures and two rookies that are extremely humble and gracious in victory.  This is by far the most excited i have been to be a Redskin fan in over 20 years. We have a great foundation and future with these two along with the other core guys on the team.  Morris is impossible to not love, dude drive a 1991 Mazda 626 to work every day?  What NFL player at his level does that?  Seriously, a freakin’ Mazda 626!  Gotta love him.

Alfred Morris Prestige AutoAlfred Morris Momentum AutoComing out of thedraft he was not a highly sought after player and really an afterthought in the draft.  So the card companies have been a little slow with the production of his face on cardboard.  This will change soon.  I have been lucky enough to pick up a couple of his autographs earlier in the season for under $20 each.  Feeling pretty good about those pick ups now.  With all of his success in his first season, i imagine the demand on his cards and autographs will only increase.  Maybe he can get a new ride in the offseason.

Romo SignaturesWith the Redskins win, that means another season comes to an end for the rival Dallas Cowboys.  As a Redskin fan, there is no better way to end the season than to knock out your most hated rival…well, i guess winning the NFC East while doing it is better?  Watching the Cowboys suffer is something i thoroughly enjoy.  I also love that they keep going to Tony Romo.  In all fairness, he is a very talented QB but is simply unable to win big games.  Romo is the football equivalent of Alex Rodriguez, big time player in any game but when it’s a big game he disappears.  His legacy will based on whether or not he ever gets over the hump and can at the very least GET to a Super Bowl, winning one would solidify his place in Cowboy history…can’t imagine that ever happening though.

This week will be exciting for all Redskin Fans.  We get to face the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs for the 3rd time in 7 years.  I have been to the two previous games in Seattle and would love nothing more than to knock them out at Fed Ex next Sunday.  They will be a handful though.  Great defense, Wilson and Lynch are similar to RG3 and Morris.  Should be a great matchup. -HTTR!

Redskins 24 Seahawks 17

RG3 Prime Triple Relic


Dallas Week – Live from Portland, Oregon

As a lifImageelong Redskin Fan, “Dallas Week” has numerous meanings and memories.

Growing up in Texas I developed a passionate disliking for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans…so i figured what better way to show my negative passion towards them than to choose the Washington Redskins as my Football Team.  I was only 6 at the time and it was 1982, but i was already singing the words to Hail to the Redskins and wishing i could meet one of The Hogs or The Fun Bunch.  A lifelong obsession was born.

One vivid memory I have of being a Redskin fan in enemy territory was wearing a John Riggins jersey to school and being told i was not allowed to wear it again, ever, by my gym instructor…this was of course after the Redskins had thumped the Cowboys in the NFC Championship 31-17 and headed to their first Super Bowl victory against the Dolphins.  Being young and impressionable, this stuck with me…and i have never wavered in my love for the Washington Redskins!

In the years since I have been lucky enough to go to Redskins vs. Cowboys games in person.  I was at the Thanksgiving game in 1990 when Emmitt ran all over the Redskins front 7.  I was also at the Monday night Miracle with Santana Moss catching two late touchdown’s from Mark Brunell.  The last game was the first showing of the Donovan McNabb era which i will discuss some other time.

With all of that said, i have been waiting patiently for the game Sunday night…and will be ready for RG3 to deliver the fans a NFC East Championship for the first time since 1999.

RG3 Strata

Since this is my first real post on this new blog, i wanted to note that this site will be dedicated as much as i can update it to the collection of Washington Redskin Cards.  I have been a card collector for over 20 years and finally decided that the only thing I really care to collect anymore is Redskin cards; past, present and future.  The initial plan is to have an original posting once a week outlining what cards i have, am looking for or wishing i could find or afford.

I’m hoping this can become a great outlet for a die hard fan and collector to connect with other Redskin collectors out there.  I have been secretly following many other blogs in the blogosphere and decided I too have something to offer and willing to share…my love for the Redskins. -HTTR!