Dallas Week – Live from Portland, Oregon

As a lifImageelong Redskin Fan, “Dallas Week” has numerous meanings and memories.

Growing up in Texas I developed a passionate disliking for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans…so i figured what better way to show my negative passion towards them than to choose the Washington Redskins as my Football Team.  I was only 6 at the time and it was 1982, but i was already singing the words to Hail to the Redskins and wishing i could meet one of The Hogs or The Fun Bunch.  A lifelong obsession was born.

One vivid memory I have of being a Redskin fan in enemy territory was wearing a John Riggins jersey to school and being told i was not allowed to wear it again, ever, by my gym instructor…this was of course after the Redskins had thumped the Cowboys in the NFC Championship 31-17 and headed to their first Super Bowl victory against the Dolphins.  Being young and impressionable, this stuck with me…and i have never wavered in my love for the Washington Redskins!

In the years since I have been lucky enough to go to Redskins vs. Cowboys games in person.  I was at the Thanksgiving game in 1990 when Emmitt ran all over the Redskins front 7.  I was also at the Monday night Miracle with Santana Moss catching two late touchdown’s from Mark Brunell.  The last game was the first showing of the Donovan McNabb era which i will discuss some other time.

With all of that said, i have been waiting patiently for the game Sunday night…and will be ready for RG3 to deliver the fans a NFC East Championship for the first time since 1999.

RG3 Strata

Since this is my first real post on this new blog, i wanted to note that this site will be dedicated as much as i can update it to the collection of Washington Redskin Cards.  I have been a card collector for over 20 years and finally decided that the only thing I really care to collect anymore is Redskin cards; past, present and future.  The initial plan is to have an original posting once a week outlining what cards i have, am looking for or wishing i could find or afford.

I’m hoping this can become a great outlet for a die hard fan and collector to connect with other Redskin collectors out there.  I have been secretly following many other blogs in the blogosphere and decided I too have something to offer and willing to share…my love for the Redskins. -HTTR!

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