Leonard Hankerson

I wanted to get one more quick post out before i go to bed tonight.

One player that i have gone back and forth on is Leonard Hankerson, a second year player from Miami.  He seems to be a guy that has a ton of talent and a wide skill set for an NFL receiver, but has been unable to put it all together.  Now, i understand that most of last year he was inactive and didn’t get much action and when he was finally able to get in the games, he had a season ending injury.  This year he’s been great and frustrating.  Some great catches and some head shaking drops.


I went to the card show at Mall 205 earlier this month and saw this booklet card.  It’s my first card of this type and i was pretty excited to pick it up for $20 considering the jumbo multi colored patch and (lazy) autograph…i couldn’t pass it up.  I love these book cards and think they are great, if you can afford them.  One thing i didn’t think about when purchasing the card is how to store it?  I did a little research and see that they now have booklet card cases.  Looks like i will need to stop by my local card shop for some supplies this weekend. -HTTR!

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