#PaniniPylon Prizm 1/1 – Brian Orakpo

I am going to break one of my rules and have multiple posts in one day in order to get a little caught up on the blogging.  I’ve been away from home and have had limited access to a computer the past few days as I was helping my move from San Antonio to Portland.  We had four full days of driving and managed to escape the flooding in Schertz and Cibolo to arrive safely on Tuesday evening.  Needless to say I was completely exhausted last night and the previous three nights…driving 10+ hours a day can do that to you!

The last piece of the of the Panini Pylon Prizm collection is one of my all time favorite Redskins, Brian Orakpo.

12 PP Brian Orakpo Pylon 1:1

‘Rak has been injured the last two seasons and missed all but two games last year with a muscle tear.  Here’s hoping this doesn’t become a recurring injury that limits him in the future.

This card went up for auction on the same day the Ryan Kerrigan card went up, so I had to double down and do some quick jumping from screen to screen in order to be the winner!  I had seen the upcoming auctions and knew this day was coming so I passed on the Fred Davis and Pierre Garcon cards in order to afford these two defensive linemen.  I would love to have gotten in on the Garçon card, but it went significantly higher than I thought it would and I just watched from the sidelines.  I also watched from the sidelines on the RG3 card as it went for an astounding $1200!  I guess that’s about right for a 1/1 parallel rookie card.  Wonder how much it would have gone for if it had an on card autograph penned to it?

Overall, I am really happy with the cards I won and would love to have pulled in the whole Redskin collection…but I am more than excited with what I did win.  If Panini does something similar to this again next year, I will no doubt be in line for the bidding.


#PaniniPylon Prizm 1/1 – Ryan Kerrigan

The next card from the Panini Pylon auction is Ryan Kerrigan.

12 PP Ryan Kerrigan Pylon 1:1

Ryan has been solid in his first two NFL seasons and is starting to build a decent career in DC.  Hopefully he can play a full season with a healthy Brian Orakpo opposite him and have a dominating season in 2013.  Seeing Orakpo and Kerrigan bookended at the line of scrimmage would surely cause some heartache for the NFC East quarterbacks.

There are no great stories with this card other than I finally learned how to bid properly and not get too excited with online auctions!


#PaniniPylon Prizm 1/1 – Santana Moss

My next winning bid for the Prizm Pylon Parallel cards is Tanaman, Santana Moss.

12 PP Santana Moss Pylon 1:1

This is probably my favorite of all the Prizm Redskin cards.  I absolutely love it when the Redskins rock the Burgundy jerseys over the ‘Gold’ (yellow) pants.  Love the color combination and the way it looks on the field and television…really cool.  Not to mention this is an action photo of what looks like a big play…I can’t really tell what game this was from, but i am going to assume he took it to the house for 6.

One of the great things about these parallel cards is the rainbow coloring.  You can kind of pick it up in the photo here, minus the glare of course.  One little piece of nice coincidence on the card is the wavy lines along his left leg.  It’s part of the basic card design, but appears to follow the outline of his leg in motion.  I don’t know, just thought it was a cool little happenstance detail.

More on Santana Moss later…

#PaniniPylon Prizm 1/1 – London Fletcher

When Panini announced their auction for the inaugural season of Prizm Football, I was quite interested in what they had to offer.  Seeing that the cards were being issued as uncirculated 1/1 parallels.  I thought any and all would be way out of my price range or at the very least more than what i would want to pay for in a football card…even though they would be issuing 1/1’s of Washington Redskins.  So, in a passive approach I just watched from the sidelines as the Alfred Morris card went for $200+.  The thing that i noticed though, was that most of the other cards were going for $20 to $50.  Your basic ‘team favorite’ kind of guys.  These guys aren’t really superstars but rather guys that you like and that wear your teams jersey on Sundays.  This gave me hope that I could win a card or two without going buckwild.

I still need that diaper money son!

With the auctions ending at 10am PT, this created a bit of scheduling conflict for me and work.  I typically get to my desk around 7am and the project manager i’m working with rolls in around 7:30am, while the other architect on our team likes to stroll in about 9:30.  The straggler likes to get settled in and start asking questions around 9:58…2 minutes before the auctions ended.  My solution?  Hit the john with a fully charged iphone at 9:57 and bid my ass off!  Too much information, i know, but the details are important when telling a story.  This technique was crazy successful and turned me in to a winner in life and in parallels…plus i got some ‘me’ time during the hectic workday.

If wildside71 is reading this, i’m sorry you had to hear of my ill techniques this way, but the bidding wars were fun!

Enough with the rambling, here is the first card I won.

London Fletcher


12 PP London Fletcher Pylon 1:1As you can see, these cards come in a standard issues magnetic ultra pro snap lock case with a red Panini sticker covering the magnet.  The photo doesn’t do the card justice, but it is infinitely better than the my scan attempt.  I think Panini did a great job with this promotion (maybe it’s gimmicky for some?)  Being able to bid on a 1/1 rather than hoping to pull one from a box is much better for a team collector like me.  I’m able to get exactly the guy I want without screwing around with fruitless packs or boxes.  I get my guy each time.  PLUS the case these guys came in is pretty cool.  I’m not sure exactly what it was, but it seemed to be some type of plastic composite with black felt lining that the card was set in.  Great packaging for a one of a kind item.  My only critique would be that the box itself had the players name and team on the outside of the box.  I’m sure this wasn’t done to cut down on costs, but if you have multiples of these things, there is no telling who is in what box?  That’s a very minor issue though and i’m conjuring up ways to get the names on the boxes for proper storage and retrieval in the future.

This post is the first in a series of posts i will do on these cards.  I hope you enjoy them, and again, wildside71…no hard feelings.