Groovy Spurs

Today was an extraordinarily beautiful day in Portland.  The weather was warm and the sun was out…and luckily for me there was a card show that i could spend a couple of hours inside a suburban strip mall…diggin through some lovely dirty boxes.  During the week i’ll have a few posts showing off some of the great pickups i had today.  Mostly Redskins, but i did manage to pick up a few Nats cards and…some SPURS!

78 TO Gale Dampier Paultz

I’ve decided i don’t collect enough things, so the San Antonio Spurs collection is slowly building momentum…slowly.  My goal today was to get a couple Gervin cards and maybe a few others if they peaked my interest.  This card did some interest peaking.  The smoothness of the Ice Man is this beautifully documented in this lovely piece of cardboard.

78 TO George Gervin

Growing up in San Antonio during the 80’s and being a Spurs fan wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.  The team was mediocre at best for most years although they had one of the smoothest shooters in the game rockin’ the silver and black.

83 ST George Gervin

It wasn’t until the Admiral David Robinson was drafted that things really started to change.  But for me, my first favorite Spur was Gervin.

84 ST George Gervin

One of the last cards i picked up at the show was this acetate auto of Cory Joseph.  I got this one from Kim’s table.  One of my favorite table stops at the shows because of his more than fair priced high end cards.  This one set me back about $3.

12 NT Cory Joseph Auto