Leather Helmets and Art, Pt. III

It’s Friday night and I must admit that after a very long week of work my writers block is in full effect mode.  So, for the next chapter of old ass cards I decided to pick a footballer with slightly less exciting credentials.  Mr. George Thomas from the University of Oklahoma

This George guy didn’t have the greatest of careers in the NFL accumulating two more touchdowns than i ever had.  He also rushed for a buck eighty-nine and dropped 208 yards receiving in his 3 year career.  He is what some may call a draft bust as he was the sixth overall pick in the 1950 draft.  Now, he’s no Jamarcus Russell or Greg Oden but i’m sure he expected to have a better career when he joined the NFL.  Especially when you see the success he had as a Sooner.  But hey, he has two first names!

50 BO George Thomas F

This guy also has a cool yellow helmet and a red stripe and grips the ball like a man on a mission.  One leather chin strap and eyes to the future…with his Business Administration degree.  If there is one thing i have to fault the kid for, it’s that he decided to end his career with the New York Football Giants.  On the bright side, he only played 7 games for them.

50 BO George Thomas B

I couldn’t find too much information on ol’ Spike, but I’d like to imagine he did well for himself.  With that drive and determination, along with a degree and sharp mind.  Nothing could stop George Thomas from achieving his professional and life goals.  Here’s to you George Thomas and both of your names…that’s one touchdown per first name!