Reed Book(let)s

Here is the next gem of a card to add to my ever growing Jordan Reed collection.  This one is a booklet.  My first Reed booklet and my 3rd overall (2 Leonard Hankerson’s).

13 PP Jordan Reed booklet 102:271 Auto Relic

This was a pickup from the Mall 205 card show I attended last Saturday…which was lightly attended.  I guess most of the dealers come down from Seattle and wanted to watch the Seahawks put a hurtin’ on the poor Saints…so they decided to stay home rather than make the three hour drive.

I was pulling for the Saints to knock off the heavily favored Seahawks and so was the VERY talented Australian actress Margo Robbie.  I have no idea why an Australian lady actress would be a Saints fan, but whatever…

…we were both heartbroken…If you haven’t seen The Wolf of Wall Street and are ok with gratuitous everything and anything, then you should kill 3 hours as soon as they can be killed by you.  Beats driving to Seattle (I LOVE Seattle, just not the drive…LOVE IT!!!)

Getting back to the card since this is card blog.  The guy that i picked the Reed from had purchased it from e-bay specifically for me.  Pretty cool huh?  That’s what i love about these shows.  You attend them enough and chat up the guys, they will go out of their way to find things for you…and not mark up the price!  This is a great example of the hobby and what it can be.  Very cool…too bad I can’t remember the kids name!!??!?!!