Don Mattingly and Whales

This is a post dedicated to one card.  A card that i have wanted since i started collecting cards and a card that has been tagged as one of the many great rookie cards, especially of the modern era.

The Don Mattingly 1984 Donruss Rookie Card.

84 D Don Mattingly

This card may already be in your collection and could have been there for awhile.  It is something that i’ve always wanted but never felt the need to pay what it was selling for and didn’t want to go through ebay to get it.  It had to be in person and in decent shape.  At Saturday’s card show, i found a guy that had a few of them on hand and was willing to give me a fantastic deal on the card.  As you can see it is in good condition, but far from perfect.  There are actually a couple of dents on the surface, but that’s quite all right with me…i’m really not that picky about these kinds of cards.

For me this represents a “white whale” that has been caught and i am happy to have this card as part of my collection.  Finally.