I’ve been running low on card money of late, so i’ve been dime box digging.  This can be fun and frightening as well.  You find things you blocked out due to bad memories or traumatic events that should never be brought up again.  Now, I present the 1994 Playoff Redskins cards.  The scans are crappy and i apologize for that, but so were the Redskins in 1993.  I like to think that i am a die hard fan and can name players from different generations and teams…but i have absolutely no freakin idea who Rick Hamilton is.  Kind of looks like a special teams guy?  Don’t know and don’t care.  I do remember that the ’93 team was terrible and amassed a total of 4 wins and finished 5th.  Yes, 5th.  That means that the Arizona Phoenix Cardinals finished with a better record.  Remember when the Phoenix Cardinals were in the NFC East?  Geography is a bitch!  But so are owners that move franchises to other cities.

Ernest Byner was pretty tough year and ‘…hung in there.  He had 23 carries for 105 yard and 1TD.’  That’s what the back of his card says.  My man Ricky Sanders worked through a tough 638 yards.  Nearly every one of these cards say something about a tough year, yet they are in a set called Playoff.  Such a misnomer.

94 PL Ernest Byner Ricky Sanders

Here’s that Hamilton guys card.  He’s wearing LaVar Arrington’s number and running with splayed thumbs.  Better watch out, those things will get broken on you.  Frank Wycheck was a decent Tight End that had his better years with the Oilers and Titans.  Wikipedia says he tested positive for steroids…remember all the fuss about the steroid era in football?  Me neither.

94 PL Frank Wychek Rick Hamilton

Jeezy Creezy this guy.  I dropped so much money on this kids card.  At this point, i’m hoping his political career leads him to a Presidential election or possibly VP so i can sell his stuff on ebay and get my lost dollars back.  Actually, I don’t really think that.  If he politics like he played football, this country will be set back to the Bush era overnight.  Shuler had so much hope and yielded next to nothing.  I realize that being a professional athlete is a very special thing and few men and women get to be in that position…a position i’ve never even come close to touching, being a sports fan is such a soul crushing activity though and we have to put the blame on our sad demeanor at work on Mondays.

94 PL Heath Shuler