Leather Helmets and Art, Pt. IV

What a dud of a Super Bowl…I didn’t have a dog in the fight so I wasn’t too concerned with which team won.  Although i’ve made my feelings known in the past about the football franchise from Seattle, they were hands down the best team in the NFL all season.  So i guess it’s good that the BEST team won.  I really like that Russell Wilson kid too, he seems like a genuinely nice and grateful kid.  I’m really happy that he is now a Super Bowl champion…if only the game could have been a little more exciting.

Next up for the 1950 Bowman Redskins I picked up from e-bay is Harry Ulinski.  My second Harry…speaking of which, have you read Fuji’s post on Bush?

Harry is one of those guys that doesn’t have much information on the internet about him, unless you dig relentlessly and go like 12 pages deep on a google search of him…which is always kind of a creepy thing to do anyways.

50 BO Harry Ulinski F

Harry was another one of those mid-century american kids that defended our freedom in Asia.  Doing so for four years of his life with the United States Air Force.

50 BO Harry Ulinski B

He was also lucky or maybe unlucky to play under the great Bear Bryant.  So, this kid was a Center in the no face mask era, but his nose looks great.  I would image that a guy playing in the middle of the field like that would wind up with one of those great boxer noses in no time.  You know, those flat bent ones that seem way too long for the faces they are on.