Leather Helmets and Art, Pt. V

The last card.  Mr. Frank Spaniel from the University of Notre Dame.

And it’s my favorite card of the bunch.

50 BO Frank Spaniel F

Awesome imagery with Mr. Spaniel rushing towards the end of his short one year career.  This card has all the makings of a wonderful piece of cardboard.  Great color.  Great facial reaction.  Great hair…look at that freakin hair…it’s perfect.  And the clouds, JEEBUS!  The CLOUDS on a beige sky no less.  I think a perfect blue sky may have blown my mind and I wouldn’t be able to write about this card.  My only issue with this one is the kids thumb.  It’s like a mutant thumb or maybe a regressive thumb stump.  I wonder if it was chopped off in a table saw accident.  Not sure why that would come to mind…there’s a kid that rides my bus.  He’s a high school kid, super chatty and likes to sit next to me sometimes.  One thing I am not is super chatty.  Especially with strangers.  Extra especially with strangers that could be my kid.  Anyways, he was telling me a story about how he chopped off his finger with a kitchen knife one day on accident.  Really!  Is that the kind of thing you tell some random guy on a bus?  I don’t think so.  This is a perfect example of too much information from him and a case of the i don’t give a f***s from me.

50 BO Frank Spaniel B

Getting back to this 64 year old piece of cardboard.  It’s pretty cool huh?  I’m really loving these 1950 Bowman’s and think i have a couple more to pick up and one I may never be able to pick up. But that’s part of the chase right?  Cards that are out of our financial reach and that you will never get to own?  Maybe i can get one that’s severely damaged and has Giants scribbled on it or something?  It’s all about the chase…