Joey Sunshine

Joe Theismann is one of those guys that a lot of people don’t like.  He talks a lot and has strong opinions that may not always stay the same day to day.  But really, who doesn’t change their mind and who doesn’t like a good story teller.  For me, he was the QB for my childhood team and led my guys to back to back Super Bowls.  Unfortunately, he only one the first one but should have easily won the second one over the Los Angeles Raiders.  But that’s not what this is about.  This is about his NFL rookie card, not his CFL Rookie card, that’s a white wale or Holy Grail if that’s what we are calling it now?

75 TO Joe Theismann PSA 8

This was another pick up over the summer months and was picked up for a fairly good price.  The photo is pretty terrible though?  It’s dark and shadowy.  Wouldn’t fly in today’s hi-tech photography and editing programs that exist, not to mention there is so much noise in the background that it really tends to detract from Joey Sunshine.  Either way, it’s a lovely piece to add to my collection.