Holy Grail?

Well, not quite, but this USFL Gary Clark rookie card (his true RC) has been a card that i’ve always wanted.  I realize it’s probably not that difficult to find, but every time i saw the card it was a little too expensive or dinged or a part of set that I didn’t want to buy.  Not this one though, it was actually free.  Well, free with strings attached.  I picked it up at the Mall 205 card show a few weeks ago from my new favorite table, Kim.  He always has a ton of Redskins ready for me and i am more than happy to hand over some cash for what he has.  I picked up a few gems from him and paid but decided to dig a little more in case i missed something new and exciting when i stumbled across this card.

85 TU Gary Clark USFL Rookie

He just gave it to me.  It was only marked at $5 and i would have paid for it regardless, but getting it for free was a much better deal.  Nice little addition for the Gary Clark cards.

Crazy Card Show success!

This past Saturday, Mall 205 had their monthly show (although there wasn’t one in February).  I hadn’t been to a show since the end of last year (although I stopped at the Cedar Hills show for about 20 minutes) and was really excited to see some new product and pick up a few cards for my various personal collections (way too many of those things for me right now).  As usual, I stopped by Tom’s table.

Tom is always my first stop.  He’s extremely personable, easy to talk to and is more than happy to pull cards for the regulars…like me.  He also works at Check Out my Cards (COMC.com for the cool kids)…which is cool…really cool.  They seem to be one of the few companies that are working to strengthen the hobby rather than dictate it’s direction.  Their new plan for databasing cards seems like a wonderful idea and one that the hobby is in desperate need of.  I’m not really sure how the details work for the database creation, but that’s not my job to figure out…only to contribute in some way.

Now that i’ve completely lost track of what I was talking about…I should get back to the card show.

Tom’s table.

So a few weeks ago, I sent Tom a list of cards to fill my Redskins Topps team sets and didn’t think much of it.  Apparently Tom took the list very seriously and hit me off with a huge stack of cards from the 70’s and 80’s nearly obliterating my checklist.

Redskins Lot 1

So freakin’ wonderful.  Plus!  He put them all in penny sleeves and top loaders.  Double Plus!  He told me he pulled most of them off the COMC.com inventory, which saved me a few dollars in shipping and more than likely a few dollars in the asking price.

Redskins Lot 1:2Redskins Lot 2:2

Needless to say, I was blown away.  The only bad thing was the stack of cards was going to cost me my card show budget for the day.  I sifted through what Tom had and saw he had a few other cards I didn’t need.  Pulled the ones I wanted and needed and we made a deal that allowed me to troll around the show for a few other bargains. I was more than happy to part with a chunk of my cash for this chunk of cards.

I need to get my checklists updated for the 90’s and 2000’s now.  Gotta keep Tom busy, you know.  Once again, Tom, if you are reading this…thank you very much.  You saved me some money and no telling how much time.

Here is a peek of some of the other Redskins cards I got from Tom.  New stuff and some rando’s that will soon be crossed off a list thas has yet to be generated.  Yes, those are mini cards, not some weird proportion bending photo.

Redskins Lot 3

There were also these kids.  Some new rookies, some Cooleys and some 2000’s thingys.

Redskins Lot 4

I did pick up a few other Harper’s, Hanley’s and Strasburg’s at the show which I hope to scan and post in the coming days (months depending on the lil boys needs…)


Chromeo Rainbow

Here are the last notable scans from last weeks show.  These Chrome gems were picked up from my first table stop, Tom.  Tom always has some great new Redskin stuff for me…makes my collecting easier plus I can save some time by not sorting through a ton of cards I won’t ever purchase.

Tom has been my mainline for Jawan Jamison short print and serial numbered cards…and he continued with this beauty.

13 TC Jawan Jamison Refractor Black Border 96:299

Next up is the start of a beautiful chromey Amerson Rainbow.

13 TC David Amerson

Amerson Refractor!

13 TC David Amerson Refractor

Amerson X-Fractor!

13 TC David Amerson Refractor X

That’s all for now…here is some Chromeo to ride out to…

Strasburg with few words

I am way too tired to write about some fancy cool cards that I picked up at a card show last weekend from the dollar bin.  So, i am just going to show them to you and like fine art you can interpret them for yourselves.  Remember kids, fine art.  So lets get some intellectual insight to the gems below.

11 TC Stephen Strasburg

I like that this one is chrome and shiny.  The problem with shiny cards is the fingerprints and other sticky stuff prior to sleeving and top loading them.  I get these cards from a guys that’s always at the shows.  He comes up from Salem and is a really nice guy, but his cards always seem a little dirty…and sticky…and sometimes…hairy….ehhhhh…

13 TO Stephen Strasburg WME

Check out that reconstructed elbow on this one.  It would be interesting if any kid that pitched 3+ years of college baseball got the ol’ Tommy John surgery prior to starting their professional career.  I wonder how many major league seasons could be saved if this happened?  Probably a bad idea…just spitballing.

13 TO Stephen Strasburg Champions of the Game Mini

I really like this mini.  Very cool card with Stras looming over Stras.  I would be very happy if he did indeed become a Champion Base Ball Pitcher this year when the Nats win the World Series.

12 GQ Stephen Strasburg Mini

Strasburg in Red!  Love the old school socks and short knickers for this GQ Mini.  Both of these minis were simply dropped in the top loader.  Why do people do this?  If anything the minis NEED a penny sleeve to keep them from bouncing around.

Look at the Harper kid

Here are a couple more pickups from the Mall 205 card show for one of the new kids on my PC block.  A few inexpensive Harper cards that set me back a grand total of $2.  Can’t beat that for this kids baseball card.

11 BC Bryce Harper BCE

look at the kids well manicured eye brows here.  Very precise, just like his nearly flawless swing.  Seems to be some very minor controversy about him ‘ballooning’ in weight over the off season as if he’s lost control of everything and just letting himself go…DC media…build you up and knock you down.

13 PP Bryce Harper

look at the clean shaven Harper.  There has been some crazy beard action going on in this country and it is very heavy in Portland…i’m putting full blame on the hipsters and all those folksy/campy 12 piece banjo bands that keep popping up on my spottily streams.  One thing I will not miss is the beard phase.  You know what’s worse?  A dude with a full grown beard, a vest and a handlebar mustache.  Absolutely no excuse for that, at all!

I will post a couple Strasburg cards I picked up from the dollar bin as well soon!  Good night kids.


Reed Book(let)s

Here is the next gem of a card to add to my ever growing Jordan Reed collection.  This one is a booklet.  My first Reed booklet and my 3rd overall (2 Leonard Hankerson’s).

13 PP Jordan Reed booklet 102:271 Auto Relic

This was a pickup from the Mall 205 card show I attended last Saturday…which was lightly attended.  I guess most of the dealers come down from Seattle and wanted to watch the Seahawks put a hurtin’ on the poor Saints…so they decided to stay home rather than make the three hour drive.

I was pulling for the Saints to knock off the heavily favored Seahawks and so was the VERY talented Australian actress Margo Robbie.  I have no idea why an Australian lady actress would be a Saints fan, but whatever…

…we were both heartbroken…If you haven’t seen The Wolf of Wall Street and are ok with gratuitous everything and anything, then you should kill 3 hours as soon as they can be killed by you.  Beats driving to Seattle (I LOVE Seattle, just not the drive…LOVE IT!!!)

Getting back to the card since this is card blog.  The guy that i picked the Reed from had purchased it from e-bay specifically for me.  Pretty cool huh?  That’s what i love about these shows.  You attend them enough and chat up the guys, they will go out of their way to find things for you…and not mark up the price!  This is a great example of the hobby and what it can be.  Very cool…too bad I can’t remember the kids name!!??!?!!

A Hog Auto, B-Mitch and Lachey!

I don’t typically buy non certified autos since you can never really verify them…plus they tend to be sloppy and not something i’ve been excited about in the past.  One table at the Mall 205 show last weekend has a few Redskin autos that I turned down last month, but couldn’t resist this time around.  The dealer, Greg, had about 20 of these cards and was more than happy to sell all of them to me.  I resisted and purchased the three i liked the most.

Jim Lachey wasn’t really part of the Hogs glory days, but could have easily been a part of their dominance.  He would have fit in nicely with Jacoby, Butz, May, Bostic and Starke and may have won another Super Bowl or two.  Jim was a part of the Super Bowl XXVI winning team.

89 PS Jim Lachey Auto

Russ Grimm took WAAAY TOO LONG to get in to the Hall of Fame.  Offensive Linemen really haven’t gotten the respect they deserve historically.  A lot of the reason for this is due to the anonymity with which they play and they don’t have ‘stats’.  They do all of the grunt work and protecting the QB and RB, but the guys behind them get all the glory.  It’s not fair, but neither is life.

90 PS Russ Grimm Auto

Brian Mitchell is a guy that should be in the Hall of Fame.  Only one other player in the history of the NFL has more all purpose yards than him, Jerry Rice.  Yet, he is nowhere close to getting in.  Not sure why his value to the NFL, Redskins and his return dominance is overlooked by so many.  I guess Special Teams is also overlooked.  Devin Hester and Josh Cribbs are doing everything they can to change that.

90 SB Brian Mitchell Auto

These are the first autos for me from these players and i’m pretty happy with the purchase.  All three set me back $10, so i can’t really complain…PLUS, they are all on card autos and not the dreaded stickers.  Pieces like these are nice to add to my Redskin collection and are just cool little pieces of history for me.