Leather Helmets and Art, Pt. VI

One more 1950 Bowman card!

I completely forgot about this guy…or maybe I ain’t no good at countin’ higher then five.  Howie Livingston, number 24.  My favorite number!  This handsome young fella got his NFL start with the New York Football Giants. I can forgive him for that…you have to let these things go you know.  These guys play football for a living and don’t have the same passion for their teams like we do.  So you have to get over it and appreciate them when they are rocking the Burgundy and Gold or whatever color combinations your favorite team wears.  

50 BO Howie Livingston F

Like a lot of these mid century guys, there’s not much information out there without doing some serious research which I’m not too keen on doing at this point of the evening.  A quick peek at his NFL stats lead you to believe he was quite a beast on the field.  He had 9 picks in his first year in the NFL and 29 for his career.  But, as you can see from the back of his card his position was halfback and hd also had 313 yards rushing in the same season.  He was a dual threat before dual threats were dual threats.

50 BO Howie Livingston B

This kid also punted!

Howie has a strong chin.  I wish this card has some clouds or blue sky in the background.  The bland green (is it really beige?) background needs a little life.