A Panini Redemption

I rode home today in the pouring rain and was extremely unprepared for the down pour. By the time I got home I was covered in dirty road rain. That kind of dirt that cars kick up and gets all over your clothes, socks, shoes and backpack. I did have a sweet mud mohawk on my butt and a thick layer of mud coated on my pastey white legs. I was freezing and I was tired…the only thing I really wanted to do was clean up and get ready for the Spurs game. As i typically do first thing, i went to check the mail…and saw a yellow bubble mailer! Suddenly i feel great and excited to see what it has to offer…It’s a Panini Redemption and This one only took 119 days! That less than 4 months!

YAY! Sarcasm!

12 LL Joe Adams Auto Jersey 28:49

This redemption is of Joe Adams from the Carolina Panthers, Colbey, numbered 28/49 with a decent sticker auto and a portion of his jersey used at the Rookie Premier with the NFLPA. I like that they mention where the jersey came from, maybe this isn’t a new thing, but it’s the first time I noticed it. The scan doesn’t really do the card justice as it is crazy shiny and reflective, cats love these sorts of things. Leaf Limited was one of those small but spendy box breaks that I jumped on this year. I was quite impressed with the high quality of cards and player selections. This is just another example of a great card.

Redemptions can be a pain as many bloggers have mentioned, but when they come in unexpectedly and make your cold grey day sunny they are wonderful.

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