GIANT Man of Steal

I feel like the more and more cards I buy, the further away I get from purchasing BASEBALL cards.  I have no idea why this has become the norm for me, not intentional…just the way it’s become.  Baseball has always been my favorite sport and the sport that I LOVE.

Last week I stopped by The Sports Room and made a big pick up.

84 TJ Rickey Henderson

A giant 1984 Topps Rickey Henderson.

With all of the mini craze Topps has gotten themselves into the past few years, I’d love to see them bring back these big boys.  Maybe do a box topper with 3 or 4 cards in a pack of the Archives set next year…could be fun to get a few of these frame-able cads with Robinson Cano or Hanley Ramirez in a 1987 Topps design, eh?  Just a thought.

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