Cedar Hills Show – The low budget version ep.III

Today is supposed to be all time Redskin day, but i’m too lazy to scan the next guys cards…so i’m going to push that off until I have the energy.

With that out of the way, I still have a few cards from the show last week to go over…and here we go!

The first card is of Brad Johnson and his apparent twin.  This card is all kinds of weird.  It’s not a jersey card, but sure looks like one with his big ass 14 in the background.  Love the mesh number look, it gives you that old school practice/game jersey look of a high school uni.  This was the big breathable technology before the breathable technology got out of control by Nike, Adidas and every other sporting product company.  I really don’t understand the dual training camp photo thing either.  This is the first Flair Showcase card that I recall seeing, so I have no idea if this was the case will all the cards, or if Brad was just special.  Seems to me that two completely random photos would have made more sense.  When I first saw this card, I thought it was another dude dropping back to sling it downfield.  But nope, that mid-drift belongs to James Bradley Johnson in both photos.

99 FS Brad Johnson

This card was one of those great finds in a 7/$5 box.  A black bordered Robert Griffin III from the 2013 Bowman release.  I just happened to stumble upon this card.  The table where it was purchased always has a ton of boxes, and when i say a ton, i’m talking 12-15 5000 count boxes filled with all types of cards.  Going through this guys stuff is a challenge in patience and stick-to-itiveness that was waring me out.  I had stopped at 12 cards and the guy told me that he was going to charge me $10 if I bought 12 or 14 cards…oh yeah…i get two more cards.  I grabbed a handful of cards and once i found this one (and the Hanley in the previous post) i was done.  Not bad for a freebee?

13 TB Robert Griffin III Black Border

This card was from a nickel box.  Not bad.  Nothing special, but not bad either.

09 SP Clinton Portis

The last card in tonights post is a bit of a sad story.  When i go to the shows, I take a small box, the 200-300 count type boxes so I have something to carry my purchases in and still look around.  This time though, I couldn’t find an empty box so I was forced to take a 100 count box, card collector problems…i know.  100 cards seems like a good size box, but when you consider the amount of damage you can do on a nickel and dime box, plus the top loaders, they fill up quickly.  This card was purchased without a penny sleeve and i put it in the box, but somehow it ended up on the bottom about 14 top loader packed cards with a closed lid…needless to say, when i got home the card was dented and scratched to crap.  It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it’s pretty dinged up.  Phillip would not be happy with the condition of his rookie card.  The good point is that I picked the card up for a dollar so it wasn’t too much of a heartbreaker, but a definite lesson was learned.  Don’t smash your stuff.

13 PS Phillip Thomas

Hope you guys have a good, short week!

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