This should be fun…

Trade up for the second best QB coming out of the draft and take another one in the 4th round…who could of seen a QB controversy with that kind of drafting?

12 TM Kirk Cousins

As i’ve always said, I cheer for the burgundy and gold and whomever wears the helmet.  I just want my team to win, so here we go for the remainder of the season with KCI.

I still love you Robert, plus I have way too many of your cards for you to fail…like this card that is camouflaged.

13 TC Robert Griffin III Camo Refractor 230:499

And this one that is blue and refractor-ey

13 PP Robert Griffin III Blue Parallel


6 responses to “This should be fun…

  1. Just saw your comment about some Heritage singles. Definitely interested, but I have a box coming in for Christmas. If it’s cool with you, let’s wait so I can see what I can knock out from my needs list so you don’t have to send a big package my way. Thanks!

  2. Well if RGIII heals and come back next year and have a better year than his rookie year…..
    Anywho, hey I sent you an email but I’m not sure it went though. If you still want to trade for those two RG3 small pros I posted about let me know their yours just send me your address.

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