Don’t go Cano!

There are rumors that Robbie Cano may be joining the Seattle Mariners.  I’m torn.  I would love to see him stay with the pinstripes as he is currently my favorite player on my currently favorite team.  He’s demanding a boat load of money and with the amount of dollars the Yankees spent today and last week, i’m not sure they can afford Cano…i’m also not sure he wants to return to the team…or maybe Jay-Z doesn’t want him to re-join the Yanks.  Did you know that Hova can make a Yankee hat for famous than a Yankee can?  Maybe he’s trying to outshine Cano, i don’t know.

Here is a shiny colorful gold parallel card of Cano sidearming the ball to what i would assume is first base.

10 BP Robinson Cano Gold Parallel 440:599

Ellsbury is not worth $20+ million a year.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of cash.

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