A new tradition

Being a father for the first time, i’ve been able to show my son some things i love and enjoy.  One of them of course if baseball and baseball cards.  I wanted to start a tradition with him so i took off for opening day to open some junk wax with my son and watch baseball.  Although the 6 month old mind can only process so much, he enjoyed picking out packs of cards to open up and immediately gravitated to a couple of cards felt needed to be eaten!  I love this kid and he is so important to me right now, i hope he shares my passion for baseball and loves to collect cards…as long as he doesn’t get obsessed with them like i was when i was a kid.  Obsessions aren’t always that bad though, right?  I convinced my wife to let me buy a $20 box of 80’s junk wax to open with him along with a couple of small packs of Opening Day cards…and here is how it went down.

Baseball Opening Day 2013_09 for blog 2013-04-01 12.35.59

Here are a couple of photos from the day that we shared as photographed by mom, I love you too Einy.

Baseball Opening Day 2013_05 for blog Baseball Opening Day 2013_01 for blogHere are a couple of the cards he singled out…loved the Opening Day cards much better than the 80’s junk wax…and so did I.  Just in case you are curious, no one ate the gum, that’s why we are alive to talk about it today!

2013-04-01 16.16.35

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  1. I’m not sure whether I should be excited that BOTH my husband and son could have this hobby which takes up a goof amount of their time…but then I think of all the quiet time I could have and realize, eh – it can’t be that bad!

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