A new tradition

Being a father for the first time, i’ve been able to show my son some things i love and enjoy.  One of them of course if baseball and baseball cards.  I wanted to start a tradition with him so i took off for opening day to open some junk wax with my son and watch baseball.  Although the 6 month old mind can only process so much, he enjoyed picking out packs of cards to open up and immediately gravitated to a couple of cards felt needed to be eaten!  I love this kid and he is so important to me right now, i hope he shares my passion for baseball and loves to collect cards…as long as he doesn’t get obsessed with them like i was when i was a kid.  Obsessions aren’t always that bad though, right?  I convinced my wife to let me buy a $20 box of 80’s junk wax to open with him along with a couple of small packs of Opening Day cards…and here is how it went down.

Baseball Opening Day 2013_09 for blog 2013-04-01 12.35.59

Here are a couple of photos from the day that we shared as photographed by mom, I love you too Einy.

Baseball Opening Day 2013_05 for blog Baseball Opening Day 2013_01 for blogHere are a couple of the cards he singled out…loved the Opening Day cards much better than the 80’s junk wax…and so did I.  Just in case you are curious, no one ate the gum, that’s why we are alive to talk about it today!

2013-04-01 16.16.35

A Goal has been reached

I am finally able to cross off a collecting goal of mine for 2013.

An on card short print autographed card of the Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has been obtained by me…and it’s quite beautiful.

12 TI Robert Griffin III Auto 20:50

I have been looking online at Ebay, COMC and Collector’s Revolution for a good deal on a RGIII on card auto and wasn’t too happy with paying what most of the cards were selling for.  Some of them were way out of this guys price range and some were ridiculously priced for a chunk of cardboard.  There were quite a few decent priced cards, but they were sticker autos which i was trying to avoid.

12 PS Rober Griffin III Auto 20:50 Back

How did i get this card you ask?  Well, as i’ve mentioned in the past, i’ve been selling off some old personal items like books and CD’s, using that money to purchase cards this year.  With each transaction i made, i would put aside a little extra so when i found a nice card i liked i could jump on it.  So i did last week.  It’s not a perfect card by any means as most of these thicker and darker cards tend to be, but i absolutely LOVE the photo and design of the Inception cards.  Not to mention the on card ink!  This is always a huge plus for my collector’s eye.   The card is also a short print Green variation numbered to 50.

I am happy to have this in my collection, now i’ve been debating whether or not to get it graded.  I have never been someone to get a card graded and honestly feel like that’s one of the many things destroying this hobby…but if it preserves my card and can turn it in to a future investment, it might be worth it.


Dual Prime Signatures and Two Rookies

The two cards below were picked up from an ebay purchase last week and i didn’t really look at them until i scanned them.  Upon this additional inspection i noticed the word Rookie was different on each card and one was a sticker auto.  I’m assuming the shorter print Hankerson card was issued prior to the design being refined and finalized so it could be signed in person.  While the Niles Paul, not Paul Niles card was done later since it was a sticker card.  Either way a little odd that the same card would have different designs…is it a lack of quality control from Panini, or was i duped?!?!!?

12 PS Leonard Hankerson Auto 19:49

Both of these guys were drafted in the 2012 draft as receivers and have really caught on like the team would have liked.  I’m expecting big things from both Hankerson and Paul though, especially since Niles has taken on the Rambo personality on his Twitter account.  I’m sure this will no doubt carry on to the field as he grows in to his new Tight End position.  With Niles, Fred Davis and Logan Paulson the TE position is looking really nice for next season…although, i will miss Captain Chaos Chris Cooley.

12 PS Niles Paul Auto 87:199