Rebuilding for the future.

I’ve been avoiding just about anything and everything Redskins on this blog since my team lost to the Giants a few weeks ago.  It was a tough loss to a division rival, a game that would have propelled the Redskins in to the 2016 playoffs.  Not to mention to a team that had a topless boating trip planned for South Beach the following day…no respect.  After seeing how some of the teams that made the playoffs and ended up losing, i can’t help but imagine what could have happened.  You know, the Washington Redskins were the last team to beat the Green Bay Packers.  It’s true!  In hindsight, that game was most likely the penultimate moment for the Redskins season as they put up 42 points on a Sunday night game.  A game under the lights which they have been miserable with the past forever seasons…Clearly, though, it was one of the lowest points for the Green Bay Packers…they were crushed by the Titans a week before…so you could go with either game i guess, but the Pack haven’t lost since and i would be quite happy for them to win two more games.

The off season for the Redskins has begun early as it does most seasons.  But instead of everyone cracking jokes about the Redskins winning the offseason, the talk is how everything is falling apart.  They lost a brilliant young mind in Sean McVay.  He was the OC for an explosive offense at times and is now the head coach for the Rams of Los Angeles…taking Joe Barry along with him to be an assistant defensive coach.  Honestly, i don’t think any Redskins fan is upset about the Barry loss…but McVay is a tough one.  Happy he was able to get a HC job, the youngest ever, but he has a huge task ahead of him. Luckily he has Bum Phillips son to help coach the defense…a defense that will see this guy next year.

The other big news for the offseason is whether or not the Redskins will/want to sign Kirk Cousins to a long term deal.  Personally, i really hope they do.  It’s been 20 years since the franchise has had a QB that has put up the numbers KC has in consecutive seasons.  Granted, he’s not perfect, but he is a top QB and i would argue a franchise QB that you build around.


That said, if what i’m reading…and it’s all speculation at this point…but if they give him the franchise tag and attempt to trade him, they could get a really nice haul of picks in return.  Not to mention the nearly $30million of cap space they have going in to next year.  They could be well placed to rebuild quickly with young talented players.  Maybe a certain receiver could maybe get healthy and maybe make an impact in his second season…maybe.


Really hope this kid pans out…i’m getting a ton of his cards and the price is falling on them.  That could be due to his lack of playing though.  Buy low kids!


It would be seen as a season of rebuilding, but could possibly turn out to be the starting point of something really great.  The defense needs a significant amount of help and could use a great defensive coordinator, whomever that turns out to be…so many names, some good some bad.  Plus, if you are able to move Cousins, you would end up saving a $20+ Million investment in one player.  Who knows, maybe you already have your future QB on the roster anyways…

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This card is really beautiful in person by the way…the scan does not do it justice…but neither does that signature!

if i have to live through years of rebuilding again, i’m gonna need to get my pacemaker hooked up to a clapper…clap on.  Love El-P

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  1. I’m not sad to see the coaches go. Even McVay seemed to have trouble adapting during games or even changiing things up at all. The offense was good because they executed. And it wasn’t when they didn’t. But they were very predictable at times. A couple different commentators remarked that the defense could tell the calls just by watching who comes on the field. They need someone who can adapt the play calling to the talents of the players.

    On the flip side, if they don’t sign Kirk, they’ll set the team back five years. They are already on the verge of the playoffs if they can strengthen the defense. You get rid of Kirk and we’ll have nothing on either side. Kirk is not going to unseat Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but he’s better than the lower half of quarterbacks in the league. Dump him and who are you going to get that would play well any time in the next three years? Fitzpatrick? Osweiler? Some rookie from a spread college offense? If they trade Cousins, we might as well pick out another team to follow, because the Redskins won’t make the playoffs any time soon.

    • Totally agree on Cousins. To me he is better than more than half the league, but don’t think he will get to that upper echelon level…my big concern though is that you lock up a ton of money in one guy and can’t upgrade anywhere else…end up looking like the Saints…except Brees can outscore his own defense.
      I really hope they lock up Cousins for 3-5 years, but that the price is good for the team during that period. I’m not ready to struggle with McCoy and John Beck type players again…can’t take it on Sundays.
      Hope they spend and draft wisely this year. Lots of money and 9 picks should help.

      thanks for reading!

  2. When the Packers fell flat on their face in the 4th against your Redskins… I think that was the final wake up call. Not sure if they’ll be able to get past the Falcons this weekend, but as a Packers fan… I obviously want them to keep the ball rolling. I just don’t have any faith in their defense… and Atlanta’s offense is second to none this season. But who knows? They managed to find a way to take down the Cowboys. I guess we’ll find out what happens in a little over 24 hours. Go Pack go!

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