…the card life…

Life moves really fast at times, sometimes a little slow…but mostly fast.

Things that you love and wish you had time for get pushed to the side…like blogging.

I miss writing about the cards i collect and telling stories about the players or how i acquired the cards, a back story always adds a little extra dynamic to the whole collecting process.  I’ve been buying cards, going to shows and even actually updating my checklists. I just haven’t been writing about that entire process and i’ve come to realize that this is a major piece of my collecting life that i really need to “make time” for…it’s a bit of a release for me after a busy day at work, or a long night attempting to get our 4 year old boy to eat his dinner or go to sleep at night.  Life…you know…

Speaking of work, i’ve changed jobs.  This is my first new job in nearly 10 years.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Still doing architecture but instead of public education work, it’s more of multi-family housing infill projects…but with a greater level of attention paid to design.  My previous place of employment was great, loved it and loved the people there…kinda just needed a change of scenery and pace.  So, i’m at a new place and for the past two months, i love it!  I realize i’m still in the honeymoon phase, but it’s been awesome.  The people are great, a lot younger which makes me feel younger as well, plus they are incredibly talented.  There are lots of the so-called “millennials”, but these aren’t those whiny, lazy millennials that the media tells stories about.  They are people that work hard, do great work and play incredibly harder than my last office.  We just had our holiday office party Thursday night…Friday was an incredible struggle for me.  Free whiskey and coke all night will rack a 41 year olds brain to pieces.  In my never ending attempt to be likable, i did my best to keep up with a couple 28 year olds…they won…but i was one of the last men standing, for better or worse…

This blog isn’t about drinking with people born in the 80’s though.  It’s about collecting cards of people that were born in the 80’s, or 90’s…jesus!  Professional athletes doing amazing things were born in the 90’s.  Life moves really fast…

Cutting work short this past Friday, i stopped by the LCS in Beaverton on my way home to visit with Brian at the Sports Room.  He’s a great guy that is super easy to talk to and he knows me as a regular so he’s been pulling some great Redskin cards for me.  Love being a “regular” at a card shop, much better than at a bar i guess…

Here are a couple of gems that he pulled aside for me.


Now, coming in to the season, Matt Jones was supposed to be the big guy in the Redskins backfield this year.  I had my doubts and suspicions…and to this point, i’ve been proven somewhat correct.  Jones seems to have the skills to be a top notch back in the NFL…but he just doesn’t have the Fire…maybe?  Hate to say that about a guy, but he just doesn’t seem to run with the intensity that other backs his size do.  Especially since he was compared to Marshawn Lynch when drafted before last season.  Talented and fiery or not, this card is gorgeous.  I cannot get enough booklet cards like this for Redskin cards…although, i haven’t been able to find a portrait booklet card holder…let me know if you come across them…or i could just check out the next card show.  Absolutely love the colors of the patches and the layers of materials on this one.  Matt Jones is one of those sloppy autograph guys, but the overall composition of the cards is quite fantastic.  Here’s the back of the card with the numbering of 06/25.


Another Matt Jones card that i picked up from Brian is an autographed eye black card.  I honestly don’t think Jones wears eye black, but maybe that would help with some intensity…works for Bryce Harper.


I truly hope that Jones can come back fierce…not Tyra Banks or Beyonce fierce, but legitimately fierce.


Well, that’s what i’ve got for today.  I hope to write soon…gotta lotta cool stuff to share and some stories to tell i think.

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  1. It’s always nice to hear people talk positively about their work environment. Kudos to Panini for coming up with those Eye Black cards. It’s a creative and different way to utilize sticker autographs. Very, very cool.

    • thanks Fuji! I feel pretty lucky to have left a great job for another great job…doesn’t happen that often.

      The eye black autograph is really cool, nice transition from the Triple Play eye black stickers.

      thanks for reading!

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