Trade Post: My Cardboard Mistress

When I broke down a few weeks ago and picked up a few retail packs of Prizm from my local friendly Target store i pulled a couple of cards for Adam over at My Cardboard Mistress and sent them along.  Adam was nice enough to return the favor with the Redskins he pulled from his recent hobby box of Topps Strata.

As he mentioned in his blog posting, the Jordan Reed autograph numbered to /99 was on it’s way…and it’s a beauty.  The colors of the card are great and i love the thicker card stock on the hobby cards.  I have been able to pick up quite a few Reed autos and he isn’t exactly winning me over with his ‘less is more’ autograph approach.  Just a simple JR is all we’re getting right now.  Still a pretty nice card though.

13 TS Jordan Reed Auto 58:99

Adam also sent along the base version of Reed’s card.

13 TS Jordan Reed

The last card sent over was the Topaz/orangy/goldish parallel for Pierre Garcon, or boy waiter if you are prone to speak the language of love, French.  Maybe, you’re Canadian, eh?

13 TS Pierre Garcon Topaz Parallel

Thanks Adam!  Love the cards.

I should be receiving my box of Topps Magic this week and doing a break review of the exciting cards i pull from the box.  If i come across any Hokies, they will be headed your way.

Also, Dave…if you are reading, your Heritage stuff is on it’s way in the morning.  Hope it helps.

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