#PaniniPylon Prizm 1/1 – Leonard Hankerson

Next up for the 1/1 series is old alligator arms, Leonard Hankerson.

I am still holding out hope that this kid comes through in a major way this season, he seems to have way too much talent to not become a star…but I could just be another Redskins mouth breathing homer.  I know he’s capable of making big plays and becoming a number 1 target for Robert Griffin III.

12 PP Leonard Hankerson Pylon 1:1

This card was one of those bidding war cards and I may have outbid myself on this one, but i’m expecting it to be well worth it.  I can’t wait to see what he does next season in the burgundy and gold.

2 responses to “#PaniniPylon Prizm 1/1 – Leonard Hankerson

  1. I think Hankerson has all the tools to be a legit receiver. If he stays healthy, and gets half a season under his belt, he could become pretty dangerous.

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