Check out my Cards…no seriously…

Hey, check out my cards!

I’m just getting around to posting my recent purchases from COMC and am pretty happy about all the new shiny-ness and extra thick card stock i received from the state up north.

One of the many things I love about COMC is that i can add items to my cart and sit on it for a couple of days or weeks and come back to add or subtract anything, then place the order when i am damn good and ready.  This process keeps my compulsiveness with cards under control.  It also allows me a chance to double check on whether or not i already have the card…i’ve actually bought the same card a couple of times from these guys…IKNOWRIGHT!  Card collector problems…

As you would expect, my entire purchase was Redskin players.  When i start loading up the cart i tend to focus on 2 or 3 guys, this time it was 4.  Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley, Brian Orakpo and RGIII.  I was looking for cards that spoke to me in a visual way, and they had to have a serial number on it somewhere.  Any jersey or autos were targets of my visual affection, but only the ones i could afford…still couldn’t pull the trigger on an RGIII auto.  The Mall 205 show is this weekend and assuming my wifey lets me go, i may get lucky and find something in my range that meets my on card auto goal.  I’ve been selling a lot of old CD’s and records, so i have some extra $20’s burning holes in my denim.

Now on to the loot

2013-03-04 22.11.44

Initially i was going to do separate posts for each player, but then realized that i didn’t want to do 5 posts this evening…plus we have a screaming baby that doesn’t understand how to go to sleep without screaming.

So here goes.

Clinton Portis or C-Po

11 NT Clinton Portis Colossal 23:25 03 SP Clinton Portis Supreme Signatures Auto

This is a beast of a card, if i ever get to a point where i hate Portis, this can easily act as a coaster or be cut in to one of those cool ninja stars.

10 FS Clinton Portis Autograph 13:35

Chris Cooley or Captain Chaos

12 PS Chris Cooley 27:49 09 DC Chris Cooley VIP Membership 142:299 06 SS Chris Cooley Scorecard 3:100

Brian Orakpo or Rak

…why yes, it is quite Mammoth.

12 PP Brian Orakpo Mammoth Jersey 41:99Love the Prime Sig cards, nice stock and good vignetting on the photos.

12 PS Brian Orakpo Prime Proof 1:49

One day, this card will be a part of my Ultimate Collection…as soon as i pick up other Orakpo cards.

09 UD Brian Orakpo Ultimate Collection Rookies 263:375

RGIII or Bobby Three Sticks

12 SP Robert Griffin III

this one is shiny and makes me smile, except for the giant Cowboy star in the background surrounded by other little Cowboy stars…who designed this crap!

12 LV Robert Griffin III All Rookie Team

and of course the Rookie Stallion…with the flying locks from under the helmet

12 PC Robert Griffin III Rookie Stallions

and a nice die-cut with pink sleeves

12 PC Robert Griffin III ROY Contender

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    • thanks Fuji, it’s always fun getting a comc package in the mail.

      i love the Portis patch too, my favorite part is the stitching coming out of the side which i forgot to mention in the post. plus you can never go wrong with a tri color patch. On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 5:01 PM, Cardboard Hogs

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